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Worksheets (2021-2022) PDF Fill-In
Cover Sheet .pdf Use the SWIFT application
Continuation Sheet .pdf  
Assault .pdf  
Burglary/Dwelling .pdf  
Burglary/Other .pdf  
Drug/Other .pdf  
Drug/Schedule I/II .pdf  
Fraud .pdf  
Kidnapping .pdf  
Larceny .pdf  
Miscellaneous/Other .pdf  
Miscellaneous/P & P .pdf  
Murder/Homicide .pdf  
Other Sexual Assault .pdf  
Other Sexual Assault/Obscenity .pdf  
Rape .pdf  
Robbery .pdf  
Traffic/Felony .pdf  
Weapon/Firearm .pdf  
Other Forms PDF  
Case Details Worksheet .pdf  
Sentencing Revocation and Probation Violator Guidelines Worksheet .pdf  
Sentencing Revocation Report and Probation Violation Guidelines Manual .pdf July 1, 2023 4th Edition
Click here for Worksheets for offenses prior to January 1, 1995