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Virginia Pretrial Data Project

Virginia’s Pretrial Data Project was established in 2018 under the direction of the Virginia State Crime Commission as part of the Crime Commission’s broader study of the pretrial system in the Commonwealth.  The purpose of the Project was to address the significant lack of data available to answer key questions regarding the pretrial system in Virginia. The Project was an unprecedented, collaborative effort among numerous state and local agencies representing all three branches of government.  The Crime Commission’s study focused on a cohort of individuals charged with a criminal offense during a one-month period (October 2017).  The work was well-received by lawmakers, and the 2021 General Assembly (Special Session I) passed legislation (House Bill 2110 and Senate Bill 1391) directing the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission to continue this work on an annual basis.  Virginia’s work in the area of pretrial data collection has begun to receive national attention.

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Virginia Pretrial Data Projects

2019-2020 Pretrial Data Project

2018 Pretrial Data Project

2017 Pretrial Data Project

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